Acting resume

Celine Devalan is a stage director and actress interested by authors (playwrights, novelists, poets). Since the creation of her own theatre company in France in 2002, she works at highlighting writers through language and the physicality of their speech and puts the text at the centre of the imaginative process.

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Shakespeare, As We Like It, directed and written by Celine Devalan, with friendly advice from Philip Bird and Nicola Pollard. Bridewell Theatre, London, February 2017 (5 to 11th)

The Comedy Of Errors by William Shakespeare, directed by David Meadows, company International Actors Ensemble. On tour from July 8th until August 4th in Mexico city and Jalapa. Part of Adriana.

International Actors’ Fellowship, Globe Theatre London, directed by Bill Buckhurst and Raz Shaw (September-October 2015)

Shakespeare, As We Like It, written and directed by Celine Devalan: Creation March 2015, performances starting from March 2015, Paris and northern France

Miss Charity, by Marie-Aude Murail, adapted and directed by Celine Devalan and Vincent Reverte: Creation November 2013, performances from November 2013 to March 2014, Paris, supported by the author Marie-Aude Murail

Muses (adapted from William Shakespeare) directed by Celine Devalan (May 2013)

The 3 Lives of Jane Austen, by Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf, directed by Lesley Chatterley (March 2008 to February 2012 : 10 performances on tour in March 2008; 20 performances for Avignon National Festival – Theatre Bourg-Neuf, July 2008; Paris, 40 performances in Essaïon Theatre, February/March 2011 + February/March 2012)

Wolfgang, directed by Celine Devalan (March 2009)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Celine Devalan, Theatre Le Vanves (May 2007)

Female Fighters, directed by Pascal Moret (Paris, August 2005)

Tchekhov: 2 Farces and a Few Illusions, directed by Cédric Prévost (from 2003 to 2004)

Saucy Tales, by Guy de Maupassant directed by Cédric Prevost and Celine Devalan (50 performances in Paris – Theatre du Marais, May/June 2004; 30 performances on tour from November 2000 to February 2008; 30 performances for Avignon National Festival – Theatre Bourg-Neuf, July 2006)

Exercise in Style, by Raymond Queneau directed by J.C. Ventura (Paris from December 1998 to February 1999).


Shakespeare, As We Like It (2015)
Jane Austen’s 3 Lives,
with Lesley Chatterley (2008)
Contes Grivois (Saucy Tales) by Guy de Maupassant (adaptation-1999)


Shakespeare’s Mystery: Conferences in Senlis, Paris (France) for French high school (April 2013 – December 2013)
In search of Jane Austen: 5 conferences in Senlis, Paris, Lyon, Chantilly, Avignon, France (March 2008 – April 2012
Reading Jane Austen Works on France Culture radio (June 2009)


  • Graduated from Florent Acting School (as an actress and as a director)
  • Training in Chaillot National Theater (3 years)
  • Drama teacher and director at the Florent Acting School (Paris) from 2000 to 2006

Key competences

  • Languages : Fluent English (French mother tongue)
  • Arts: Dancing (Classical 6 years, Jazz 8 years, Irish taps 4 years, Regency dance 3 years)


  • Actor Training directed by Dawn Swiech (upper level : « casting 2 » and « on stage 1 ») from January 2005 to November 2006
  • Actor Training with Nadine George from “Voice Studio International” (July 2013-July 2014) – Voice training and texts of William Shakespeare
  • Acting Workshop with «The Footsbarn Theatre» (March 2003)-“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, performances in Allier (France)