Saucy Tales
(Contes Grivois)

“Contes grivois” (Saucy Tales) adapted from Guy de Maupassant, focusses on women’s social identity in the 19th century: it shows how women evolved from the 19th century until today, how they asserted themselves with men, and how they have blossomed intellectually and physically. In “Contes grivois”, the story of a quest is told through the heroine’s discovery of her sexuality and deliverance from marriage.

The story : Rose meets Ernest who manages to smooth-talk her into giving up on chastity and surrendering to desire. After a short liaison, they get married. But soon enough, Ernest has no scruples seeking to satisfy his insatiable curiosity in other women’s arms… He does not realize, though, that his gentle and virtuous spouse – who has an even more avid curiosity than his – will not hesitate to fulfill her wildest dreams…
To what length is her husband willing to go to get her back in his bed ?

Written and directed by Céline Devalan
Duration 1h10

2004 : Théâtre du Marais (creation)
2005 : Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne
2006 : Festival d’Avignon, Théâtre de Vanves
Then on tour tournée until 2008, so more than 120 performances !

Le Parisien : “Enjoyable: A pleasant hour spent in the company of four talented, young and likeable actors.”

Telerama : “Delicately naughty, never vulgar, these Saucy Tales talk above all about love and pleasure; the subtle performance perfectly illustrates a line from Molière’s The Misanthrope: « I have never heard verses better turned. » ”

Pariscope : “The performance is original, at times daring, but never vulgar. The young actors’ grace and enthusiasm make the text even more delightful.”

Le Journal du Dimanche : “Highly entertaining… Hats off to La Petite Vadrouille Company’s young recruits for their funny faces, grunts, naughty gestures and sidelong glances.”

Theatreonline : “A moment of true joy and delightful licentiousness. A damn good performance, not to be missed!”

Le Figaro : “Naughty funny faces, double games: They make you smile, laugh and give you a very good time.”

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