The 3 Lives of Jane Austen

“Les 3 vies de Jane Austen” (The 3 Lives of Jane Austen) is the story of a woman writer set in the stifling society of her time. It shows how she chose to write as a way of dealing with personal trauma and how she turned into an extraordinary author.

The story: Jane Austen 1808, Rebecca 2008. The unlikely meeting of two women whose fates strangely collide. The discovery of an aspect of the secret life of Jane Austen will incite Rebecca to hold an investigation, but she is far from imagining the impact of such an enquiry on her own life.

Written and directed by Lesley Chatterley, Céline Devalan and Elodie Sörensen

Radio Classique : “A most delightful play.”

La Terrasse : “Subtle and sober directing, allowing the audience to appreciate the remarkable strength and genius of Jane’s character.”

Kourandart : “The fate of two women performed by two talented actresses.”

Onirik : « Carried by two superb actresses, the play is presented with great delicacy and intelligence. A brilliant tribute to the most popular of English novelists. »

Le Courrier Picard : “The audience is moved by this beautiful but heartrending story.”

Rue du Théâtre : « The elegant staging mainly brings out the grace and freshness of the actresses. Céline Devalan plays Jane Austen with overwhelming credibility. A marvellous dose of romanticism. »

La Théâtrotheque : «  This lovely play is held together by the performance of two young talented actresses who enlighten the audience on Jane Austen’s mischievous ideas and on her contribution to the emancipation of women of her time. For all Jane Austen fans and anyone who wants to discover her ! »

Théâtrorama : « Céline Devalan brilliantly captures Jane Austen’s caustic wit. »

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